Talent was rife at Birmingham City University Media Department’s networking event on 9 May 2014.

‘Into The Future’, a concept created by second year students to showcase their skills to media professionals successfully demonstrated that Birmingham City University does have talent.

Ruta Lukauskaite, a second year photography specialist originally from Lithuania said, “it was my first ever experience of a professional presentation and I found it useful to summarise what I am about, and also to let people know who I am”. Ruta’s presentation showcased remarkable photography skills, and clearly showed the level of work opportunities that have opened up to her since starting at Birmingham City University.

Thomas O’Connell, head of the promotional team for Into The Future added: “I was a bit skeptical at first and the thought of organising the promotional material for an event of this scale was overwhelming, but I think it’s really come together well. Everyone’s pulled together and the presentations showed just how far we’ve come in the last two years”.

The day began bright and early (a lot earlier than most students are used to!) at 8am with a variety of media professionals taking centre stage at Parkside’s brand new lecture theatre. Selina from Little Miss Creative was the star of the day, grabbing student’s attention by showing an image of a prison cell that she spent the night in at the tender age of 16. Her remarkable efforts and shining personality was infectious – the presentations that continued after her talk reflected the confidence that she delivered.

“I could really relate to Selina’s talk. I grew up in a similar neighbourhood and I never pictured myself going into further education. Truly inspiring woman” says Jonathan Woodall, a mature student at Birmingham City University.

Selina added: “I want to say that today was really inspiring, there are so many opportunities that students can take hold of. Grab them – when you leave uni you’re going to have to pay for them!”

Selina is an ex BCU media student and now runs her own women’s workshop, aiming to give a voice to aspiring creative women to create the next generation of free thinking female leaders that will inform and shape the future. Selina aims to take her ideas global – starting with New York and China in three weeks’ time.

Little Miss Creative will be holding a ‘clothes swap’ at The Rainbow, Digbeth on 17 May. For more details visit www.wearelmc.com.

Written by Suzie Parsons


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