Conference Report: Speaker Caroline Thorley | BCU Careers and Job Prospects

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Speaker Caroline Thorley started with showing a YouTube video about awareness.

How aware are you?

Did you spot the moonwalking bear?

Sometimes at University your awareness can be stunted due to the constant ambient noise of events promotions, (which is definitely a good thing), but Caroline wanted to use her opportunity as speaker to promote the upcoming Courses and Career Management Workshops going on in the Careers Service. Where at each and every one there will be FREE LUNCH!

You can find a full list of the upcoming events on their calendar at

I’ve also took the liberty of screen shotting the calendar below, where, by the way, should you choose to attend, there will be FREE LUNCH!

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 13.37.24
Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 13.37.55
this one next

There will be opportunities for you to attend lunchtime workshops, 1-3 day courses, enterprise and entrepreneurship programmes as well as webinars and web chats, so even if you aren’t in Birmingham over the May/June period, you can still access any careers advice you need.

One of the key events Caroline spoke about was the Frontrunner 3 Day Leadership Programme. They are keen to diversify the people who attend that course, ensuring that there is people from a range of faculties, as most of the Aspiring Media Professionals at BCU will end up in a leadership role of some kind, whether it be at a radio station or TV studio. The course will give you great foundational skills for these roles that you can demonstrate to potential employers.

I attended the course myself in March. Being accepted onto the course was a great opportunity to develop my leadership skills and hear first-hand from leaders of local and national companies about their experiences and what they look for in leaders of the future. At the end of the course, I have developed my leadership skills, applied them to real work challenges and improved my confidence.

The RIE Enterprise Mind-Set Programme will be of great use to students who have an idea that they may wish to develop. You can also get some insight into how business works and get the run-down on becoming a freelancer, as well as tips on setting up your own business.

The Lunchtime Workshops are great for people who don’t have quite as much time to spare. There will be general workshops on the job market such as CV’s and interviewing, but there will also be more specific workshops running, tailored towards industry (teaching, charity, working abroad) or employability skills (networking, career development, commercial awareness).

It was stressed the amount of free opportunities you get in Univesity that you won’t have access to when you graduate. It is therefore crucial that you make the most of these while you can. Whether you want tips on becoming a global graduate, CV advice or a mock interview, the BCU Careers and Job Prospects service can offer it all! As well as a FREE LUNCH!


By Jodie Neville


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